Our Mission
We are delivering solutions along decarbonisation pathways
Our Mission
Resilient embarked on the energy transition journey
Our Mission
Distributed solar production, digitalisation enablement
and Green Hydrogen
Our Mission
The lightest element - promise to decarbonise hard to abate industries
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Our Vision

Jumpstarting Hydrogen Economy – from infrastructures towards solutions and beyond

Integrating green hydrogen industrial strategy, digitalisation and socio-economic vectors

Building secure and synchronized along the value chain Green Hydrogen production, transportation and distribution

Jumpstarting Green Hydrogen economy markets and demand side enablement along cross European strategic value chains

Focusing on reindustrialisation coupled with decarbonisation objectives

and Delivering
Development Goals and
Green Deal targets

Our Pillars

Distributed Solar Production

Solar PV development and manufacturing

Digitalisation Enablement

Digitalisation in energy and cross domain

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen value chain, infrastructure development through new business models

Building Green Hydrogen Ecosystem

Message From CEO

Hydrogen does not lose its energy capacity, it allows to store large amounts of energy for a long time. This is good to face the intermittency of renewables and the seasonal differences in energy consumption: we save when we have more, to use when we have less.

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