What we do

Resilient Group is an active first mover within three fast growing segments of the energy transition. We focus on Solar PV development and manufacturing, Digital Solutions, and Green Hydrogen.

Resilient Group facilitates the development of small and large scale projects, from pre-feasibility studies to full deployment and operation of customised solutions for decarbonisation. 

Our portfolio Strategy is full aligned with the European Green Deal objectives, the Fit for 55 package and REPowerEU plan. As the new energy sector regulatory frameworks are implemented, our goal is to build quality renewable and digital assets across the chosen segments.


Climate change and its many ramifications is the single largest challenge the world has ever faced. If approached from the right perspective, it can also become the biggest opportunity the world has ever had.

Resilient Group is aiming to be one of the emerging leaders that drive the change and capture the opportunity.


The next decade to 2030 is the “make or break” decade for the world. It will determine the future of many generations to come whether in terms of health, economic prosperity, geopolitical stability, or climate related threats.

Resilient Group’s team develops and implements concepts and related projects that significantly accelerates the the transition required to shift our energy and societal system towards a more sustainable model, creating value for all of its stakeholders, incorporating the SDG’s in its core activities.

Shared Goals

The scaling up challenges of reaching 2030 EU goals to bridge the gaps will require ecosystem approaches, integrated value chains and public support. The needed support mechanisms will require collective thinking and contributions.

Our Projects

Delivering the Green Hydrogen Promise  

Design and implement highly standardized green hydrogen solutions across selected market segments, leveraging an agile and specialised organisation to develop business models and supply chain relationships that drive results in the emerging green hydrogen market.

EU Connected PV Manufacturing

Developing an EU manufacturing platform that aligns the European solar value chain towards sustainable re-industrialization, encompassing the entire solar manufacturing ecosystem, and delivering on the goals of the European Green Deal.

Making the Green Hydrogen Economy a Reality

The Hydrogenizing BCN Initiative has the ambition to make the green hydrogen economy become a reality, and proposes to achieve this ambition through close public/private cooperation and the development of economically viable green hydrogen-based business models to hydrogen powered heavy-duty vehicles.


BD4NRG project aims at facilitating the potential of big data & AI technologies to improve decision making in the management and optimization of decentralized energy systems. Before the demonstration, a reference architecture for Smart Energy, validation of such a framework through the delivery of predictive and prescriptive edge AI-based big data analytics will take place.

One Network for Europe

OneNet aims at creating the conditions for a new generation of grid services able to fully exploit demand response, storage and distributed generation while creating fair, transparent and open conditions for the consumer. As result, while creating one network of Europe, the project aims to build a customer centric approach to grid operation.

Green Hydrogen

Implementing and accelerating Europe's Green Hydrogen Strategy. Secure synchronised value chain for Green Hydrogen production, transportation, distribution, demand, focused on leveraging Portugal’s renewable energy as a factor of competitiveness with an export component. Link and integrate green hydrogen industrial strategy, digitalisation and socio-economic vectors.