Hydrogenizing Barcelona Initiative

Resilient Group and Kopala International have launched the Hydrogenizing Barcelona initiative, a major port-anchored effort to decarbonize the heavy-duty mobility as well as industrial emissions in the greater Barcelona region and beyond. The initiative has been under joint development since 2020, having successfully attracted a strong consortium of Spanish and international participants, covering the entire value chain from green hydrogen production to distribution to off-take. The consortium is currently developing the first two projects, which will allow all stakeholders to benefit from an important learning curve over the first three years, with the deployment of 20MW electrolyzer capacity (including alkaline, PEM and AEM technologies) serving some 200 fuel cell trucks through three HRS, as well as substituting grey hydrogen in industry. From 2025 the accelerated scale-up is planned with the addition of 100MW electrolysis capacity, serving up to 2000 fuel cell trucks as well as further replacement of grey hydrogen in industrial uses. The Hydrogenizing Barcelona initiative will have a significant positive impact on decarbonization in the Barcelona region, enable local, regional and national manufacturing scale-up, as well as connect with other green hydrogen projects in the joint effort to accelerate the creation of the Spanish and European green hydrogen market. 
Resilient Group is looking forward to continuing its joint coordination of this exciting initiative with Kopala International and the broader consortium, and expects to continue to expand the group of participants and stakeholders going forward. 

Press Release